Предмет: I have been teaching the Russian language
My name is Veronika Matveenko, Russian, Ph.D. in methods of Russian language teaching as a foreign. I have been teaching the Russian language offline since 2007, online  since January 2020.

Work experience:

  • full-time teacher of Russian as a foreign, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow (October 2007-January 2018). Students: linguists, journalists, philologists, medics, politologists, and psychologists. Subjects: Grammar and Speaking, Language of Science, Language of the Russian Mass Media, Russian Literature. I have experience of work with students from different countries and cultures: Afghanistan, China, France, India, Italy, Jordan, Mexico, Palestine, Peru, Poland, Somaliland, Serbia, Syria, South Korea, USA, Vietnam, etc. (groups of Elementary, Basic, Intermediate, Up-Intermediate and Advanced levels);
  • private teacher of Russian as a foreign in Moscow (adults - engineers, businessmen, and children, since 2008 until October 2017);
  • part-time teacher of the Russian language, International Center of Education, Moscow State University, Moscow (summer course for foreigners - Europeans and Asians, level A2), July – August 2014;
  • associate professor (part-time) of Russian as a foreign, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow (Europeans and Asians, levels A1 and B1), since December 2014 until June 2016;
  • part-time teacher of Russian as a foreign, High School of Economy, Moscow, students levels A1 and A2 (Americans USA and Asians), October 2015-May 2017.