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Antonio Luca

Результаты поиска

Ferman Online Education

Современная онлайн школа, где мы предлагаем проведение занятий в удобное для Вас время и подбираем наиболее эффективную форму обучения

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Antonio Luca

Предмет: Английский, Итальянский

Hello, my name is Antonio and I am a teacher of Italian language. I’m Italian and I lived in different cities. I have been living in Russia for some years now. I teach for a long time with private lessons, lessons in the classroom and lessons online. I took a course for Ditals certification in Florence (I didn’t do the exam because around that time my mother died, but I studied for it). Among my online students, there are also professors of some universities in Moscow.
About my teaching skill I can also add that I’m empathetic, I teach only in Italian (but I speak very well also English, Spanish and French, and a little Russian), and I know NLP: that helps me to understand the personality of each student to make him feel more comfortable as possible. I try to use deductive teaching, but I don’t forget that Russian students need also, to feel comfortable, more attention on grammar. I don’t only teach the language, but also Italian mentality and culture as songs, kitchen, fashion, sport. Moreover I also teach the non-verbal language.
My knowledge of Italian is excellent: I am a journalist and have written for a long time in newspapers, and I published two books of poetries. My deep knowledge of Italian is also connected with latin and ancient greek that I studied in high school. I have a degree in law, so I can also teach legal italian.

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