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Ferman Online Education

Современная онлайн школа, где мы предлагаем проведение занятий в удобное для Вас время и подбираем наиболее эффективную форму обучения

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Предмет: Английский

My name is Darren and Welcome to my profile.I was educated through the Cambridge Ordinary and Advanced levels examination syllabus at high school and studied at the University of Cape Town in South Africa.
I have extensive experience in teaching Business Statistics and Economics for about 15 years. At present I work as a sessional Lecturer at RMIT Foundation Studies, Federation University and Kaplan Business School.
I have taught in South Africa and Mauritius both at high school and at University level. I have also worked as Chief Statistician for the national Lottery in South Africa. My other area of expertise is Business Statistics and Economics up to University level. I also specialize in operations research and business statistics as well as Economics both high school level and Tertiary level.
* I hold a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Statistics, Cape Town, South Africa
* Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Operations Research, Cape Town, South Africa
* A Diploma in Logistics Management from the University of Johannesburg.
* A diploma in Mathematics from Charles Sturt University.
* Fellow of The Royal Statistical Society, UK, 2012.
Before moving to Melbourne I worked for several tutoring agencies in Perth. I also do a lot of Statistical and Data analysis for various organizations.I worked for KipMGrath, Academic Task Force, Tutoring Services International and Clever Kids all in Perth. I was also a full time tutor at Curtin University in Perth in Economics, Statistics and Mathematics. I guarantee that I will bring a good mixture of real life examples as well as academic experience in every tutoring session. Working students stand to gain a lot from this approach.I am available every day of the week even week ends. Meetings can be arranged. I have also marked exam papers at several universities in Australia, in particular Statistics, Quantitative methods, Economics, Accounting. I therefore have first hand experience with the different aspects of examination preparation and how to answer exam questions. I am familiar with the following Universities course outline: Economics, Managerial Economics, Mathematics for commerce and engineers, Accounting, Statistics, Business statistics. I have extensive experience in teaching mathematics and statistics in Australia and I also bring a wealth of expertise in academic teaching from all over Australia.I bring with me a lot of experience both locally and overseas.I am experienced in teaching distance learning university degrees.

I do a lot of tutoring all over Australia. Recently i have just introduced the tutoring online among my services. Hence, students wanting help online can now do so.

I specialize in Open university for Economics, Mathematics and Business Statistics.
I am presently helping over 150 students for open univeristy business statistics. I have achieved 100%

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    По данным ежемесячного опроса, проводимого среди учеников, 9 из 10 наших студентов рекомендует Ferman online education своим друзьям и знакомым

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